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Indy – One Year

Indy – One Year

I remember the day that Indy’s parents told us they were expecting. We were eating at Chatt Bar (if you know you know) and they slid the information into the same sentence as “we’re moving to Iowa”. Wait what? It was a lot to digest (the information not the pizza) but gosh it was so exciting.

Seth and Maggie moved just in time to get settled before 2020 hit and then little Indiana was born at the beginning of lockdown. But God’s timing is always perfect. His plans are always good and we are thankful for all that He is doing in the lives of Seth, Maggie and Indy. The gratitude is extra deep now as they’re moving closer to home very soon.

Oh and I forgot an important thing. Indy was my birthday present last year. This little donut loving boy was born on my birthday. Yay for March 24th birthdays.

Here are my favorites of his birthday photo shoot.

Enjoy this little drop of cuteness.


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