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Did I shoot your wedding?

Did I shoot your wedding?

I have been sitting on this post for months! But I have a question, did I shoot your wedding?

I have photographed weddings for 20 years and have seen every bridal trend you can imagine. I’ve shot weddings in Cathedrals, Courthouses, Backyards, Barns, The Nations Capital and on The Atlantic Ocean. It’s been the best possible work ride anyone can ask for. I am so excited to celebrate this milestone in my career.

This is why I want to hear from my former wedding couples. I am going hold a random drawing from all of the couples who get in touch with me. The winner will get a free family photo update for their immediate family (no extended) as a gift from yours truly.

To keep all of the ‘entries’ in the same place, please use the contact form by clicking here. Tell me your names, family updates such as children, job changes etc. I would love to know your update and celebrate that with you.

In addition, I would love to answer any questions you may have. I did a poll on Instagram a few months ago and have been hanging onto those questions. But I have room for a few more. Some of the questions that I got were, 1) How many Bridezillas have you had. 2) Do you ever get tired of certain trends? 3) What has been one thing you have consistently noticed at every wedding and what’s the one thing that is unique at every wedding?

I am curious what you want to know. So feel free to let me know!

I can’t wait to hear from you. I’ll take these messages until April 9th. So please share this post. Share it on Facebook and Instagram as I know that there are many of the hundreds of couples I have worked with who have also lost track of me.

Thank you all! My gratitude is big!


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