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Let’s talk about Senior Photos

Let’s talk about Senior Photos

This is an informational post for Senior Photos. These are merely my thoughts and not the rule. But with years of senior experience I want to guide anyone who may need to know where and when to start.

It’s never too early to book senior photos but it can become too late.  If you’re thinking about hiring me as your senior photographer please click here for the contact form. Meanwhile I have some informative details to consider when deciding which season/s to choose.

Let me preface this post by saying this. If there is a time that you really want or need please message me sooner rather than later (even if it seems too soon). This will generally give us more to work with on the calendar.

First let’s talk about Seasons:

SUMMER is my favorite season for senior photos and these are the reasons why.

  • Scheduling is easier on Summer break and before school and Fall sport practices/games begin.
  • Summer is pretty with trees in full bloom.
  • Early morning and evening light is flattering and beautiful.
  • Clearer skin for athletes (especially football players who sweat with their helmets on).
  • If it rains the day of your session it is easy to reschedule during Summer months.
  • If you want to travel somewhere for your session, it is easier to work the drive time into the scheduled date. 
  • Summer Sunsets – need I say more?  They’re so beautiful here in Indiana.

FALL is one of the most requested seasons for senior photos and I know why.  Autumn in the Midwest is breathtaking. There is something cozy about Fall.  It photographs beautifully.  If you have a child in Fall Sports here are some things to consider when scheduling.

  • Autumn days are shorter which means there is less time on the clock to get your Senior in after school and sport practices.
  • Fall is often windy and rainy which can mean needing to reschedule more than once.  With Fall being the most popular season for photos, rescheduling can be challenging. I pad a couple of rain dates into my calendar and they always get used.
  • Whether you get the bright yellows and oranges or the deep reds and browns, all are gorgeous in photos. Anytime during October and early to Mid-November are generally very pretty.  There is no way to guarantee certain leaf color on the day of your session but all Fall colors are gorgeous.
  • Fall books FAST. Each year my October and November are booked by mid-August.  So, if you want Fall photos it’s something that needs scheduled asap.

WINTER  We have beautiful Winters here when it snows. This is often a great season to do an add-on session.  Winter photos are magical.  But I wouldn’t risk doing an entire Winter session. No one wants a red nose for their whole session.


March and early-mid April are also very windy and rainy (and sometimes cold) which means scheduling and re-scheduling are true possibilities.

It is often lovely at the end of April and beginning of May but it means cutting it very close to graduation time which could be stressful as you plan your Graduation party.  If you are not easily stressed then let’s go for it!

Lastly, let’s talk about clothing for the best result in your photos.

  • Clothes should be clean, ironed and hung up while transporting them to your session. It is good to lay out your clothing, shoes and accessories a day ahead so that you don’t forget anything.
  • Choose clothing that fits your body type.  What looks good on one shape may not on another.  Dressing for your body type is always most flattering on you.
  • Choose clothing that fits your size.  Too baggy or too tight aren’t recommended and do not photograph well.
  • Ladies, always dress your age.  You will look back at these senior photos forever and you don’t want to be embarrassed because of dressing above your age. (I think you know what I’m saying here without me coming out and saying it. 😉)
  • Don’t be afraid to buy a fun outfit that you wouldn’t normally wear on a given day.  I’ve seen Senior boys bring a crazy plaid suit and have had many girls dressed to the nines.  It’s a fun occasion to have a snazzy outfit in the mix.

Thank you for considering Amy Sprunger Photography for your photos. I really hope we can work together.  Senior photos are a blast and truly are a special rite of passage.

I hope to hear from you soon!


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