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Decatur, IN Wedding – Josh and Riley

Decatur, IN Wedding – Josh and Riley

Josh and Riley’s wedding was perfect. It truly was. There wasn’t a thing that went off plan and it was exactly as every wedding should be.  A day with a committed bride and groom, families that love and support them and the best group of friends by their sides.  And one thing is for sure – it was HOT and crazy humid.  But I didn’t hear anyone complain during photos.  We all just sweat it out together and I can’t tell you how many times I smiled as I was taking the photos and even as I edited them.

Josh and Riley shared the sweetest first look.  After seeing one another they privately read each other wedding vows that they wrote for one another.  It was beautiful to spy on with my camera (and by spy I mean hiding behind doors looking in).   After they had a few moments alone we dove right into photos and if you know Riley, you know she is such a joyful spirit. It was just so easy to photograph everyone that day.

The ceremony was sacred and beautiful. The reception was celebratory and special.  Their first dace was probably one of my favorite first dances in a long time.  We ended the night with a few group photos of friends. The last one was such a fun shot because it was Riley and her Hardy Hall friends.  Hardy is the dorm that Riley was in at Huntington University.  And the thing that made me so happy with that photo was that I was also a Hardy Hall girl. And, Riley was in the exact same room that I was in my freshmen year. Riley and I forever have Hardy 104 as our connection.

Thank you Josh and Riley.  I love you both and am so honored to have been with you on wedding day.

Enjoy your preview!


MEET THE NEWLYWEDS: Josh and Riley WEDDING DAY: June 9, 2018 LOCATION: Pleasant Dale Church of the Brethren and Goeglein Homestead  HOW THEY MET: Josh and Riley met at a marching band competition at Bluffton High School when Josh was a sophomore and Riley was an Eighth grader. He says that he saw her from across the stadium and thought she was really cute! Josh later approached Riley and asked for her phone number! ENGAGEMENT: November 23, 2016. For years, Riley and Josh have gone to the “Night of Lights” in downtown Fort Wayne. In 2016, Josh made a whole day date and went to eat and get dessert. After the Santa Claus was lit, they had a moment and he surprised her with a proposal!  Riley was surprised when her parents met them in an adjacent building! FAVORITE WEDDING DAY MEMORY:  Riley’s favorite memory was immediately after the ceremony when “you look at each other and realize that you’re finally married!” They got about 4 minutes to celebrate with each other and their close friends before they were bombarded with the rest of their guests. “Those 4 minutes were probably the best of the day!”  Josh’s favorite memory was seeing Riley for the first time. He doesn’t cry much at all, but that really got to him. He said that he was so glad that they decided to do a first look. Seeing her as the most beautiful bride in the world was absolutely spectacular. Being able to look at her the rest of the evening and now forever and getting to think “that’s my wife” is a feeling that I cannot put into words effectively.  (Oh my word Josh, every gal wants to hear that, Riley is a lucky lady!)  FIRST DANCE SONG: Perfect (Acoustic) by Ed Sheeran HONEYMOON: Riviera Maya, Mexico VENDOR LIST AT END OF POST:

Flowers: Wedding- Mazie’s Flowers and Gifts  Reception – Heaven Schrock 
Cake: Sweets So Geek
DJ:  Alomar Entertainment
Stylist: Amber Landis with Salon JDHKatie Neunschwander with salon 27
Reception/Catering: Goeglein’s Catering and Homestead


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