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Greetings  from Amy Sprunger Photography.  This day has been months in the making!  Shortly after I began my business in 2001 I created a logo to go on my photos. It was very simple and like all newbies, it was designed on Photoshop, by myself. Later on I had a logo professionally made and it has carried me a long way.  I loved that little logo!  It felt like me.  But, not any more!

Fast forward to April 2016 – I felt the nudge that it was time to re brand my business.  It was a scary thought because I have had a beautiful journey as Amy’s Photography.  To change something that has been so good wasn’t an easy decision. During that same time I met a new friend, Shelby Goodman. She is the owner of Honeysuckle Designs & Things.  During our first conversation I asked about her business  and among many other things, she told me that she does branding.  Interesting timing as I had just began thinking about that very process.  I continued to think about it for a couple of weeks and just knew that it was time!  I met with Shelby and she created the most gorgeous logo for my business. It is perfect!!

The prior logo carried me from the beginning of my business and it brought me a very long way.  I needed a new look or a new “brand” as it’s called, to represent where I have come and where I am going in this business.

With that in place, I began aligning all of the things that it takes to re brand.   The new website is something that I am super excited about. The clean lines and the black and white go hand in hand with the new look of the studio.

It has been an incredible journey being your photographer. You have blessed me so much just by entrusting me into the most precious moments of your lives.  I want to continue this journey with you for many years to come.

So today, I present to you Amy Sprunger Photography.

ENJOY the new look and what is to come!

Much love to you,

Amy Sprunger




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