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Newsboys United

Newsboys United

Ohhhhhhhhhh the energy in the Memorial Coliseum the night of Newsboys United!  This concert was such an epic night in the world of Christian music.  The original members of Newsboys and the current members of Newsboys have united together for a tour and are lighting up venues around the US.  It was in 2002 that I remember seeing the Newboys in this exact venue during Winter Jam.  For those who have followed this band for a very long time, and who have watched them in concert… you know the energy that I’m talking about here.

Here you will see photos of my WBCL friends, Scott and Tiffany, with the band in addition to photos during the Q&A time before the doors opened.

The worship band Zealand came on before the Newboys and if you’re a longtime fan then you will certainly know the lead singer, Phil Joel.  When Zealand exited the stage Newboys came on stage and the entire Coliseum was smiling, singing and raising their hands. It was so much fun!

If you aren’t familiar with Newboys or Zealand, please look them up on Youtube!  Your heart will be inspired.

Many thanks to my dear friends at WBCL whom I am so thankful to partner with.  I love documenting for you!



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