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Welcome to my Office!

Welcome to my Office!

This post was originally added in March 2020. It has served as a great tool when showing my wedding couples package items before doing a bridal consultation at the studio. Even though it is a couple years old the information still is current. Enjoy!

It was exactly 8 years ago this week that I took possession of the keys to my studio building. Prior to that I worked from home for 11 years, where my studio was in our basement and my office area was in our loft. Oddly enough I’m sitting in that exact loft as I type this. Due to the Corona Virus and the travel restrictions, I’m working from home like the rest of the world.

This is a tricky time of life. Couples are still engaged and planning weddings but it’s not possible to meet face to face. Although we can Face Time at any time, I love for my brides and grooms to be able to see and touch wedding albums and books when deciding which wedding package, they want to go with.

Last week I had the notion to take some photos of my favorite wedding products so that I could share them with you via the blog. I’m so glad that I had the foresight to do that. In the past two days I’ve had two couples reach out about their weddings and this is the perfect way to share since we can’t meet in person during the quarantine.

So I say to you now, “W E L C O M E to my office.”



When you arrive you will be greeted in this space. This is where we will sit to discuss your wedding plans and all of the important things about your day. Don’t worry, I have more seating. If you bring more people we can pull up as many chairs as needed.

Below is an item that I love. While it’s not the big leather bound album, it’s certainly an important piece to have. This is a Preview Book. This book holds all of your wedding photos. The image number is below each photo for easy reference. The reason I like these so much is because they are great if you want to share your entire gallery with someone who doesn’t have access, or just doesn’t have time, to get to the computer. Plus it’s just fun to hold in your hand a flip through all of the photos in one sitting.

Now we are going to start with the Luxury Coffee Table Albums. These are my favorite. The covers come in an array of options. Below you’ll see a couple of Leather-Bound Books, a Velvet Cover (it’s just dreamy), a Champagne Metallic Leather Cover and an Acrylic Cover.

These are photos of the inside of some of my Coffee Table Books. Photos of photos don’t always come across as they look in person. But you’ll get a feel for the layout of the books. I do all of the book designing myself. You pick the photos and I do the design. It’s all part of the Wedding Package, and honestly I love design. These albums are formal, luxurious and are such keepsakes.

Now we are looking at Press Printed Books. These books are a made from Premium Quality Materials and the Finest Press Paper. They are thick Press Paper and lay flat. I adore these books for Guest Books, Parent Albums and even non-formal Wedding Albums. They also come in several cover options and two different sizes.

I love Guest Books. I always say that these are such a great keepsake of your engagement session and also of your wedding day. I love seeing the signatures and well wishes that guests write in them at weddings. It’s a special piece to have!

There you have it! These are just some of the items that you will see in my wedding packages. 🙂

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