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Mandisa and Newboys United

Mandisa and Newboys United

I don’t know about you but I need a little side track today! So I’m taking a few minutes to post another awesome concert held at the Memorial Coliseum on Sunday.

If you’ve watched American Idol over the years then you’ve likely heard the name Mandisa. She is so gifted behind the mic and on the stage. But bigger than that, her light has always shone so brightly for her Faith both inside and outside of her genre. One of my favorite songs of hers is Bleed the Same. Gosh, it just speaks VOLUMES in this world that we live in. Volumes! Click here to hear the song and the heart behind it.

Also behind the mic on Sunday was Adam Agee. While he is traveling solo these days, he is the former lead singer of the band Audio Adrenaline.

Headlining the evening was Newsboys United. I’ve seen the Newboys so many times in my adult life, but each time it’s like a new concert. I love their hearts, music and the sheer entertainment of their concerts. They’re just sooooo good.

So today on a day when there is so much confusion, hype and things that we don’t understand, one thing is certain. The One whom these artists sing for is the same yesterday, today and forever. He is our hope!

Enjoy these photos. And if you need some great background music while you’re working today, tune into WBCL Radio. There you can hear all of these artists and so many more! I love partnering with them. Thank you WBCL!

Be Encouraged!


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