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Trey – Class of 2020

Trey – Class of 2020

The 2019/2020 school year is in full throttle now. And the Class of 2020 has been tons of fun thus far!

Trey has been in front of my camera before during his family photo shoots but this time it was all him. I remember sitting down at a graduation party earlier this summer and talking about ideas for his shoot. I loved that he was on board with ways to commemorate his love for music into his photos.

Trey oozes talent! He is a pianist and a good one at that, a saxophonist, and he sings and acts. And that is just the musical portion. He also is a gifted runner. I know that he has more talents than these but we took these and ran with them.

At the end of our evening we, along with his mom, Cathy, went inside the school to the auditorium. None of us knew quite where the stage lights were, so Trey made a phone call to the Band Director, Mr. Amstutz. While we awaited Mr. Amstutz to come I told Trey, “you do your thing and I’ll do mine.” Meaning, you sit down and play the piano and I will set up my lights and we’ll just see what we can get in the pitch dark. He played and while during so, his mom and I were in awe at what can happen with a couple of studio lights in a big dark, auditorium. Sometimes the ‘accidental’ photos are the ones that show the most creative freedom. All 3 of of were thrilled with the result of those.

We soon called it a night and then Trey’s senior photos were in the books.

Thank you, Trey, Cathy and the Lehmans for being such fun clients. I really appreciate you guys.

Enjoy the highlights below.


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