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The Mays

The Mays

This family is one of my yearly favorites. For the past several years they have had a few sessions per year because of new additions to their family. But now, with 4 boys their family is complete. We had the most beautiful evening for photos with late Summer lighting. Steph wanted light and bright and I do believe we nailed it.

Let me tell you about these sweet kids. Earlier this Summer I was at the Jay County Fair and I felt a tap on my arm. I turned around and it was the oldest handing me an Elephant Ear from the family’s Elephant Ear stand. How sweet was that, not to mention the EE was delicious. Then a couple weeks later I was photographing the Mercer County Fair and I spotted all 4 of the boys on a ride. When they got off the ride they greeted me with big smiles.

At the end of this session one of the boys wanted to go home with me and was giving me hugs. It was precious but he went home with his family. 🙂

Thank you, Mays. You are appreciated so much.

Enjoy my favorites of one of my very favorite photo sessions of your crew.


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