Amy Sprunger Photography

The Fox Kiddos

The Fox Kiddos

These kiddos are the sweetest. I always love my time with the whole family actually, but this shoot was focused on Baby Girl, Story Lynn. She was 5 months old and just a week away from open heart surgery. That’s huge for such a little person.

But the session wouldn’t have been complete without Story’s siblings, Rebel and Monroe. When I arrived at their home the older kiddos gave me a tour of their garden. Monroe proudly gave me a ‘pickle’ from her garden, which was actually a cucumber, but it was so stinking cute how she said, ‘pickle’.

I know these kiddos well and just love them to pieces. It’s always an adventure for sure.

Sweet little Story was born with an extra chromosome and is one of the Lucky Few. She is such a beautiful baby and has stolen her parents (and siblings) hearts. Story has a story and I know that already her little life is making an impact on so many.

Ben and Dianna, thanks for sharing your family with me. I appreciate you guys so much.

Here are my favorites of our time together.


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