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Brett – Class of 2021

Brett – Class of 2021

This session was a blast and we were legitimately working against the weather the whole time. The day of the session there was rain coming. But since Brett is local and I knew we could just dart home if need be we decided to just start and see how far we could get into the session. Brett’s mom, Amber, had the radar up several times and we kept working through it.

Then it came time for the football photos. The sky was really angry. There wasn’t any lightening but boy was their wind and mean skies. I knew that it would be fun to shoot with that sky and Brett could have some unique images for his Football pics. Well let me tell you, by the end Amber was hanging onto my light stand and I was giving Brett such fast cues but we made it! And it was worth it.

Those, along with his band shots are my favorite. I personally love doing creative lighting for my clients and I love it when they love it too.

Enjoy the rest of your senior year Brett. It’s off to a great start. Go STARS!


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