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The Adams’ – Franklin, TN Photos

The Adams’ – Franklin, TN Photos

Last month I headed down to TN for some fun with family and friends. During that trip I met up with my longtime-friend, Cherie, her husband Kevin and their sweet kids. Upon arrival I was greeted by the twins singing a song about Indiana. We then ate a homecooked, Italian meal courtesy of Cherie and then shuffled off to this gorgeous field for photos.

The field was a gift because she sky was white that evening and we needed a pop of color. This was the perfect spot. We had a sweet time together the entire evening.

The three children are truly the kindest and politest kids I’ve seen in a long time. I love their sweet souls!

Cherie, thank you for sharing your family with me. I love our few and far between visits. Thanks for being a constant in my life for such a long time! I am grateful that Avalon and radio brought us together all of those years ago.

Here are my favorites of your family.



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