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Portland, IN Wedding – Nathan and Bridget

Portland, IN Wedding – Nathan and Bridget

When a bride dreams of her wedding day, I don’t think that she dreams of a day that rains and pours.  But the truth is, sometimes that happens and when it does, we make the most and best of it.  No doubt that is what happened on Nathan and Bridget’s wedding day.  The plan was to do all of the photos outside at Nathan’s grandparents house before the ceremony, then go straight to the church, followed by the reception.  But, nature was not on our side.  Fortunately the new Portland Events Center was the perfect place for everyone to gather for photos.  The Event Center is at an old factory.  It has an industrial-elegance to it!

I had never seen the Events Center look prettier. Their colors of burgundy, navy and silver were so elegantly distributed.   There were touches of Fall such as white pumpkins and mums.  Even though it was pouring outside it was such a perfect scenario!

Nathan and Bridget were surrounded by the people who love them as they pledged their love to one another.  The reception was fun with dancing and a big surprise for Nathan during the garter toss.  Bridget had planned for one of the groomsmen to sit in a chair with the garter on.  She stood beside him so that her dress covered his leg.  When Nathan went for the garter he knew something didn’t feel right.  Everyone was laughing and Nathan took it like a champ.

And then the end of the night came and I had my heart set on taking Nathan and Bridget outside for a rainy photo.  I promised them we would create something magical for them on their rainy wedding day.  And I’m telling you, the photo that they so patiently posed for is one of my all time favorites.  As a matter of fact, it’s already on my gallery at the studio.

Nathan and Bridget, from the bottom of my heart, thank-you for entrusting me to your wedding day.  I am so very happy to have been with you on your most beautiful day.

ENJOY the preview of what is to come.

Much Love,





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