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Ohio Wedding – Zach and Erin

Ohio Wedding – Zach and Erin

Because weddings are my favorite part of my profession, it’s always a little sad when each season draws to an end.  Erin and Zach’s wedding was the end of wedding season 2018. It really was a special day. It was long awaited, well planned and so very special to witness. The beautiful, lace and texture of Erin’s gown were dreamy to photograph. Her veil blew so softly in the breeze and she was simply radiant all day long.

One of my favorite moments of the day was when Zach let loose. Zach is a farmer and being in a suit and tie isn’t really his cup of tea.  But the moment that he popped the champagne bottle and sprayed it toward the wedding party, was the moment I saw him light up and truly start to enjoy the day.

Zach and Erin were truly surrounded by a great and supportive group of family and friends.  And it was truly a blessing to be able to capture it for them.

Enjoy these highlights of a truly special wedding.

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