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Izzy – Class of 2022

Izzy – Class of 2022

Here we go! It’s my first Class of 2022 post. If you’re a parent of school age children then you probably can picture your child at Kindergarten round up with a sign that says “Class of …” Like all parents when you see that sign the year seems like an eternity away. Yet here we are in the Class of 2022 and my child is the first that I am blogging. What happened to time?

So let me tell you about my girl. Izzy loves the city and by city I mean big cities like Chicago. A few years back we determined that we would do Senior photos in Chicago (among other places because we can). But since we were going to be in Indy the first day after school let out we decided to begin in our Capitol City. Toby and Cooper went to the Mecum Car Auction while Izzy and I had a fun lunch at the Cheesecake Factory and a stop at Cake Bake Shop. After that we started out fancy with her prom dress for photos in Indy. She has gotten great use of a dress that was purchased for just one day! 🙂

Next Stop – Chicago! Over Memorial Day weekend we, along with my dear friend Brenda from PA and her daughter, Whitney Kay (who I call me niece) from Boston went to Chicago. We picked the gals up from the Fort Wayne airport and drove to Chicago. It was everything we dreamed of for her shoot (even though the Bean was barricaded off and there was construction around the Chicago theater). With a few outfits in tow we hit some pre-determined spots and spent the rest of the day walking around the city and doing a little shopping.

I will always cherish the memories we made that weekend. I’m so grateful that Brenda and Whitney could come spent that time with us.

You’ll be seeing more Izzy shoots throughout the year. I am excited for this season of her life.

Thanks, Izzy for being my favorite model. I love you!



Beautiful Amy!  I’m sure this was the Best Day Ever!!  Can’t wait for our Izzy’s photo shoot 

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