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Derek & Kelli – Newborn

Derek & Kelli – Newborn

Derek and Kelli are brand new parents. Their precious, healthy boy came three weeks early. This baby was ready to meet his parents and boy did he ever take them by surprise at how ready he was.

His nursery is the cutest! The HOWDY sign is fitting since they live in Nashville. I think every southern household should have one of those somewhere in their home. But one of the sweetest things in the nursery was a simple blanket that has footballs, helmets and goalposts on it. The most ironic thing about the blanket is the jersey that is printed on it has a #7. That just happened to be Derek’s jersey number when he played football. Isn’t that so sweet?

Derek and Kelli, my whole family is over the moon for you! Fulton is the luckiest little guy.

Much love and congratulations to you!


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