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Winter Jam – 2020

Winter Jam – 2020

It happens once a year, it’s full of energy, it’s loud and it’s a laaaaaate night but oh it’s worth every click of my camera. I’m talking about Winter Jam!

My partnership with WBCL is such a blessing and I love being able to capture events for them and with them. Are you familiar with Christian radio? It’s been part of my life for my entire life and I have had the privilege of having a long standing relationship with WBCL both as an employee fresh out of college up to now when we partner together. This world is so full of hurt and bad news, but I’m telling you right now, if you need encouragement, turn on the radio! Here’s the link!

So back to Winter Jam. The music is always on fire and so is the crowd. So many artists, including Austin French, JJ Weeks (who I randomly found out that night is friends with my brother), Building 429, Newsong, Crowder and so so much more. It’s such a huge night of encouragement, praise and worship and flat out fun. And then the next day….extra sleep needed.

If you were there I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. And if you weren’t there is always Winter Jam 2021! If you would like to know who the artists are below just click on their picture. You’ll love them!



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