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Wedding Planning – The First Look

Wedding Planning – The First Look

Today we are re-visiting a post from a while back regarding the first look. I have tweaked it a little bit, adding new photos of recent couples.  And a couple more thoughts.

Let’s get right to it!


In days of arranged marriages the tradition was for the bride and groom to see one another for the first time when the bride walked down the aisle.  But…things have changed and more couples are having the First Look.  Hence, we have a new tradition.

Here are a few reasons that I feel it is important to have a first look.

1)  Nerves: Often the bride and groom are quite nervous about seeing each other for the first time and the reaction they may have in front of a crowd.  Having this as a private moment will help take those nerves away.  Then walking down the aisle will be a moment of pure joy and less nerves.

2) More time for photos: Doing photos first will allow more time for celebration as the day unfolds and you won’t feel like you’re being interrupted throughout to get photos finished.  It’s so seamless and it truly allows more time to enjoy each other, your family and friends.

3) Time Alone:  Think about this.  Months are spent getting ready for wedding day. Yet, on the actual day of the wedding the bride and groom don’t get much time to enjoy seeing one another.  By having a first look the bride and groom get the reaction of seeing their beloved and also some alone time  to enjoy each other and take it all in.

4) Camera ready:  Everyone needed for photos is going to look their best prior to the wedding.  The makeup and hair are fresh. The dresses and tuxes/suits are still crisp looking.  And… here is one that isn’t considered often.  The flowers look fresher too. Have you ever seen a corsage that has been hugged 200 times? With all of the money spent on hair, makeup, dresses, tuxes and flowers, you will want them to look the best in photos.

5) Here is the big one: As someone who has photographed weddings for over 20 years I can honestly say this is the one thing to give the most consideration to.  After the bride and groom are pronounced and they  go back down the aisle hand in hand  there is still a LOT to take care of.  Let me run down a time scenario for you here.

  • The ceremony is over at 5:00pm.
  • The receiving line or the exit of guests can take up to 45 minutes. Now the first person who exited is looking at 5:45pm.
  • From 5:45-6:00 the corral for everyone needed for photos begins (and believe me it can be like herding cats). There is always someone who leaves because they forget they were needed for photos).
  • Photos generally take about 45 minutes after the ceremony.  Now the first guest to have left the wedding has waited 1 hour and 45 minutes.
  • Now at 6:45 the couple is ready to head to the reception hall which is yet another padding of time to add on. Now guests are starting to get impatient, hungry and wondering where everyone is.
  • By the time the couple is introduced and the meal is served or buffet has started the guests have waited for a long time. And trust me they won’t say it to your face but they won’t be very happy about it.

Whether or not you choose to have a first look I  promise  I will always work very efficiently for you.  I’ll provide you with a photo schedule of the day that works like a carefully orchestrate puzzle.  

Now I have some GREAT first look photos to share with you.   



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