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Tyler and Alexis – Maternity

Tyler and Alexis – Maternity

Today as I was talking with Tyler and Alexis, we determined that our photo shoots always have to be when there is weather. It rained on their wedding day for a bit and when I say rain, I mean it stormed. But it was all good because it didn’t last long. The day we took these maternity photos it was so cold and so windy. But time was of the essence, so we rolled with it. And then today… well if you’re in Ohio or Indiana you know it’s another cold and windy one.

Baby boy has arrived! As a matter of fact he made a slightly early entrance and today we did his newborn photos. It just so happened that today was the day that their maternity blog post was in the hopper.

So for now I’m sharing just a couple newborn photos and then my favorites of their maternity gallery. You have to see Levi’s face. He’s just beautiful.

Thank you, Tyler and Alexis. I appreciate you guys so much.


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