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Thomas and Danielle – Fort Wayne, IN Wedding

Thomas and Danielle – Fort Wayne, IN Wedding

Wedding Season 2020 has looked entirely different than anyone ever imagined. Especially for the Brides and Grooms who had been planning long before the word Covid had ever been mentioned in our world.

Meet Danielle and Thomas. They were married on May 16th at St. Vincent De Paul Catholic Church in Fort Wayne. What was slated to be a church ceremony filled with family and friends, ended up being a small ceremony. It’s funny how different a wedding ceremony is without music and lots of guests. But, Danielle and Thomas spoke their vows before God and their parents and those watching via live stream. And they are MARRIED! Covid 19 wasn’t going to stop them and it didn’t.

It was a beautiful and special ceremony. After they exited the church the bride and groom were greeted by some family members and friends who were waiting outside to congratulate them. Danielle was so excited to see that her bridesmaids had arrived, dressed in their Mint-Green Dresses looking picture perfect. It was fun to see everyone’s reactions as this entire process has been so out of the normal.

I am so very thankful to have been able to photograph Danielle and Thomas’ wedding. It was in fact THEIR day and the one that they will talk about to their future kids and grandkids.

Wedding Season 2020 is certainly going down in history and I’m here for it!

Thank you so much for having me be with you for your wedding! It was an honor.

Enjoy these highlights.

Much Love,


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