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The Forthovers

The Forthovers

Brad and Abby first came to me in 2018 for family photos and I loved having them again for round two! The kids have changed a lot in the last two years and there is now a teenager in their house!

This time of year the days are getting shorter. I notice this every evening as I’m constantly trying to beat the sunset. When Abby booked this session she asked for Rustic and Sunset. We accomplished both and in record time. We all worked hard and fast to get both locations done in time before the sun hid for the night.

You’ll see in this post some cute mom/daughter jean jackets. The gals made these during lockdown. I would say that was a fun 2020 project to do and they looked sweet in them!

Thanks Brad and Abby. It was so great to work with you again. Enjoy your photos and these highlights from our time together.


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