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South Adams Mini Stars 2008-2022

South Adams Mini Stars 2008-2022

This photo shoot began in 2008 and ended in 2022! Let me explain.

In 2008 South Adams School became one campus here in Berne, IN. Previously the elementary and middle schools were separate from the high school. As the groundwork (no pun intended) was being laid for the new campus a vision for a photo shoot with the first kindergarten class to attend the new school began to unfold as well.

There were 11 little preschoolers who helped break ground and then became the faces for the new build. Now those preschoolers are soon-to-be graduates. Last week we connected for a final photo shoot of the Mini Stars. There were two students in the original photo who no longer attend South Adams. But the remaining have been Starfires their entire lives.

Ironically there is new construction happening at South Adams Elementary and Middle Schools this Spring as well. It was only fitting that these seniors re-create their original photos.

I loved being able to photograph these great people at the beginning in 2008 and now in 2022. They have grown up in front of our eyes.

Enjoy these photos of the Mini Stars. Congratulations to Vivian, Collin, Lilly, Aidan, AJ, Kristen, Logan, Izzy and Camden.


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