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Russell Dickerson – Celina, OH Concert

Russell Dickerson – Celina, OH Concert

Russell Dickerson kicked off night one of three in the Mercer County Fair concert series. He brought a ton of energy to the stage! And also, a gash on finger, which I read about in People magazine the following week. I’m guessing this was the first time Mercer County fair was ever mentioned in People Magazine, but it was one of many for Russell Dickerson.

The audience was going crazy over Russell Dickerson. He was the perfect fit for this country music loving community and a great way to kick off the Mercer County Fair 2023.

And, if you are in need of a great podcast, his wife, Kailey Dickerson, has the sweetest podcast. Thank you, Cara for introducing me to it! Here is the link to her website.

Here are some highlights of RD!



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