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Rod and Janie

Rod and Janie

Janie reached out to me in Spring wanting to schedule a session to mark she and Rod’s 40th anniversary. I was immediately on board for Janie’s vision. You see, they recently moved out of town from the home that they raised their family in. With the new owner’s permission (which happens to be a family member) we began their photo shoot on their old front step. They held a wedding photo and also one from their 25th anniversary. In addition they were dressed in their wedding colors and Rod even wore the very watch that he wore on their wedding day.

From there we headed downtown Berne to the place where they met. Janie worked at an office downtown and so did Rod! Their paths crossed as a result. It was a must have to do photos in front of the very building where the spark began.

It was a special session. Thank you, Rod and Janie. I’ve always enjoyed being with you guys for many different photo sessions, but this time it was all about you.

Enjoy your photos! Here are my favorites.


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