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Micah Tyler, TAYA, Mercy Me – Muncie, IN Concert

Micah Tyler, TAYA, Mercy Me – Muncie, IN Concert

You may have heard on WBCL that Micah Tyler, TAYA and Mercy Me were in the area recently. What a fabulous show this was. The Emens Auditorium was a new location for WBCL to host in and for me to work in and boy did I get the steps in that night.

Micah Tyler is full energy and is one of the most genuine artists I’ve ever met. He always makes time for conversation and is truly one of the most gracious people in the industry… in my opinion. One of my favorite songs of his is Walking Free it gives such HOPE to those who may think they could never be free from their burdens. As I type this, Easter is just a few days away. The message of this song is what Easter is all about! Although you wouldn’t hear it for the first time and think, ‘that’s an Easter song’ the message of Hope and sacrifice is loud and clear.

TAYA was powerful in her song and speaking. You may know her from songs like, For All My Life from her debut album. But her voice is also recognizable in so many other powerful songs. Her songs were so very moving!

Mercy Me never disappoints and is always a fan favorite as they bring their message to the crowd. Muncie, IN was ready for them. I can Only Imagine is one that so many people can relate to. It was released in the early 2000s but is one that stirs people’s souls and hearts. I loved that Bart Millard (the lead singer) brought his son on stage to sing with him.

Thank you WBCL for always entrusting me to your photos. I am forever grateful for your partnership.

ENJOY the photos.


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