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Matt Mahrer and Zach Williams

Matt Mahrer and Zach Williams

This post has been sitting for the perfect time to publish. And today while we’re buried in snow, I am finding time to share.

Music stirs my soul. It moves me to tears and touches my inner being. It always has. The fact that I get to photograph so many concerts for my friends at WBCL is fulfilling to my music loving heart.

Last Fall, Matt Mahrer and Zach Williams joined for a concert tour. And truly it was raw and it was so full of the Spirit. The Coliseum joined voices to proclaim Fear is a Liar and What a Friend! If you were there, enjoy this recap. If you weren’t I hope you’ll catch them the next time you’re in town.

Zach Williams is on the Spring line-up! You’ve got to go!

For a full upcoming concert schedule go to WBCL.ORG.

I hope to see you this Spring!



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