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Kennedy – Class of 2021

Kennedy – Class of 2021

So when your college best bud asks you to come to Michigan to take photos of her senior, you just do it! It was so much fun being with my Michigan family and friends for a couple of days yet doing work at the same time. But I’ll say, even though I love travel, I always love coming home because I miss my husband and kids when I’m gone.

I remember when Misschell became a mom to Kennedy and now Miss Kennedy is a Senior. She is a quiet young lady but has strengths and talents that those who know her best get the privilege of seeing. We had a great time walking around Grand Rapids for her senior photos. I am not very familiar with downtown GR but just loved the places we went.

I think Kennedy’s favorite photo will be that of her and the family dog, Harry. He’s pretty much the star of their house.

Thank you, Miss for having me come to MI for photos. I love you and hope you enjoy these hightlights.


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