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Jonny and Mane’ – Engaged

Jonny and Mane’ – Engaged

This is my first post of 2022 and it’s a good one! I love this couple so much. Jonny is my oldest nephew. He and Mane’ met in Nashville when they were both students at Trevecca Nazarene University. They’re cut from the same cloth and are so sweet and also goofy!

My daughter was along for part of this engagement shoot and she said she always thought engagement sessions were sweet and romantic. But when she saw Jonny and Mane’ she realized that sometimes silly personalities rise to the surface! It’s true. We laughed a LOT. But when we’re together we always do. Jonny and I have laughed until we have cried so many times throughout the years. I’m so thankful that he found such a beautiful, Godly woman who also shares that same love of laughing!

Our original plan was for me to go to Nashville for their engagement session. But things kept getting in the way of me being able to make the trip. Fortunately, they were in town in early November and we spent the entire day together taking photos and having the absolute best time.

I love you, Jonny and Mane’. I can’t wait until your wedding in April. Enjoy these favorites of your engagement shoot.

Aunt Amy

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