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Jenna – Prom 2020

Jenna – Prom 2020

Jenna’s prom session was held on the actual night of prom. So on what would have been her senior prom, she dressed up in her gorgeous ball gown and we took a few photos to commemorate this occasion that didn’t happen because of… Covid.

Jenna is one of three of my seniors this year who have been in front of my camera since the beginning. So much so that Jenna’s mom told me that while getting ready for graduation they found photos that I had taken of Jenna when she was just 6 months old. The history that I have with Jenna’s family goes back to the beginning of my career and it’s such a blessing to have loyal and faithful clients.

Needless to say Jenna was on board for a photo shoot in her gown. This time of life is so special for everyone and some of the highlight reel from high school has been ripped out of the seniors’ hands. It is my hope that this session gave Jenna a little bit of joy on her Senior Prom Night.

Funny behind the scenes info. If you’re from the country then you know how Burrs just immediately attach themselves to clothing. Jenna’s mom, Tera, and I kept picking Burrs off of Jenna’s dress. We have no idea where they were coming from because we couldn’t see them until they attached. So between the twirling and the nature walk 😉 we had some work to do on her gown. But it was totally worth it.

Thank you Jenna. You are a blessings. I can’t wait to see what your future holds and I hope you always keep singing!! Your voice is one of my favorites.

Enjoy the highlights.


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