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Grace – Class of 2022

Grace – Class of 2022

I have been looking forward to this day for a long time! I’m completely caught up on my edits (this only happens once a year!) and I can now catch up on my blog posts.

I remember Grace’s session well. It was October, it was her Fall break. On my way to Huntington the sky was bright blue. During the drive I was photo-mapping the spots for Grace’s session with full-sun in mind. We began at our designated spot and less than an hour later it was full on overcast and misting. We worked for a while outside and then headed into one of my favorite little spots in Huntington – Little Sweet Spots. It was a bright and sweet spot in Grace’s session. Thank you, Little Sweet Spots for letting us shoot in your store! I love buying candy from you during my frequent Huntington trips.

Grace was soon finished with her session and heading to Florida with her family for Fall break and a college visit. It was a special session for a sweet lady.

Thank you, Grace and Lynnette for the wonderful morning together.

Here are my favorites of your senior session.


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