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For King and Country

For King and Country

(Before I get into this post… if you’re looking for an awesome Christmas album, look no further! For King and Country has you!)

I know that as a whole the entire world has missed gathering. We’ve missed being Together! We’ve missed sharing in each others celebrations and each others sorrows – in person! One thing that I’ve missed this year is photographing concerts. It’s truly such a highlight and I see so many friends at concerts! (If you’re reading this and you’re a concert friend – you know who you are! HUGS!)

I have loved music since I was old enough to touch a piano and listen to the radio! So having the chance to photograph a Drive-In concert for one of my favorite artists was so needed this year. The truth is I’ve photographed For King and Country many times but this one was extra special.

This particular concert ended up being on the books 3 times before it finally came to pass. The Mercer County Fairgrounds was the place for the show and I know that the entire neighborhood was lit up during it. Cara, from the Mercer County Fair, and her whole staff worked so hard to make this event happen and it was J O Y ! The parking lot was filled with people in their cars, outside of their cars, on top of their cars … all listening to For King and Country. It was a blast to be part of and I’m so thankful that it finally happened.

Here are a few of my favorites for you!


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