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For King and Country – Fort Wayne Memorial Coliseum

For King and Country – Fort Wayne Memorial Coliseum

To say that it was good to be back shooting a concert is an understatement. I have been so very blessed to be the staff and event photographer for WBCL for the past 6 years. Here is a fun fact if you’re not familiar with my background. Prior to being a photographer I worked in radio broadcasting for several years. WBCL was my first home in radio and needless to say their friendship and working relationship has lasted a lifetime. I am so very thankful for this station and the encouragement that it feeds my heart with every single day.

Last month the masses gathered to see For King and Country at the Coliseum. It was SO much fun being back with people in this capacity. This concert was anticipated highly because it had been rescheduled several times due to 2020. After a quick meet and greet with WBCL’s Ron and Keri the band hurried to do a Q and A with audience members. Soon after the stage lit up and everyone was on their feet.

Enjoy these photos of one of my favorite bands!


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