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Eric and Abigail – Engaged

Eric and Abigail – Engaged

If you’ve ever met me, you know my love for wedding photography. And that means, the engagement session rates right up there.

This couple is so great. Actually, it was my first-time meeting, Eric. But Abbie… well she is the OG. This is such a crazy story, and it takes a bit to follow. So, I’m going to try and make it as easy as possible. I know three Abbie’s with this Abbie’s last name. One married into the name and the other married out of the name. In addition, I have another Abbie who has the same maiden name as the Abbie who married into the name. And…. three of the four contacted me within the same week about photos. One was this Abbie, who I have as the OG in my phone because I have known her longest. The other was to book her one-year old’s photos and the other was to book newborn photos. I really had to focus on which one I was talking with at each time. I can relate to having a common name! There are three Amy Sprungers in my tiny town. We’re all friends and we frequently get each other’s texts.

So now that you have a little name history, here are my favorites of Eric and Abbie’s engagement session. Note their outfits! SO classy. I loved the black and white attire. I love it when my couples dress up their session.

Thank you, Abbie and Eric. I am excited to celebrate your wedding with you next June.


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