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Decatur, IN Wedding – Paul and Sara

Decatur, IN Wedding – Paul and Sara

Sara and Paul’s wedding day was everything I knew it would be. Upon meeting Sara during our wedding consultation I knew we would be friends!  It was obvious upon meeting both of them together that they were best friends and truly couldn’t wait to be married.  There are some people who want a wedding, but Paul and Sara wanted the marriage! (I love that about them!)

I also knew that theirs would be a blast!  They had a big wedding party and they were a hoot.  Their families were terrific and such great hosts.   Thank you all for being so easy to work with.

Sara’s dress was beautiful and fit her to a tee. It had the perfect amount of lace & sparkle. I knew that somehow the color orange would be incorporated into the wedding palate, for Paul! But the way it was ‘tied’ into the purple hues was perfect.  The bridesmaids dresses had the most gorgeous pallet of soft and muted purples.  Their bouquets had a pop of orange to blend in the guys ties!  I would never have thought of that! But it looked great together.

The backdrop of the Tabernacle is always a lovely choice.  It was a joyous day and the 2nd fastest wedding ceremony I’ve ever witnessed!  I do, I do, kiss, unity candle and out the door they were.

Thank you Paul and Sara. Much love and happiness to you as you begin your married life.

ENJOY these photos as much as I enjoyed taking them.



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