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David Phelps – Fort Wayne, IN Christmas Concert

David Phelps – Fort Wayne, IN Christmas Concert

If you’ve never had goosebumps down your spine while hearing someone sing O Holy Night, then you’ve never heard David Phelps sing it! WOW, just wow. This concert was such a beautiful way to experience the Christmas season with so many others who love music the way I do. It was one of those concerts where you watch and listen to every note and wonder how in the world someone can sing so powerfully.

Prior to David Phelps coming on stage, we were entertained by Comedian Mickey Bell. I have to admit, I was laughing a lot. His humor was real and probably struck a nerve or two. 😉

It was truly wonderful and I’m so thankful to have photographed this show alongside my friends at WBCL!

Happy New Year!


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