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Chance and Cooper

Chance and Cooper

These little dudes were cracking me up during their session. I met them at their house – well, their parents’ house. Chance adores the cats and drags them around with him all of the time. Cooper likes the cats too but he’s too little to pick them up the way Chance does. Chance also really loves his cows! We had to have photos with them also. I’m surprised we didn’t go back to the dog now that I’m thinking of it.

The morning was a little bit chilly so we opted to go inside for the rest. I am so glad we did. The photos on the bed were the sweetest. And seriously who can resist a chunky baby? I just wanted to squish little Coop.

Thank you Kyle and Loree. I appreciate you guys so much and love that we both share a Cooper, 15 years apart.

Here are my favorites!



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